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Lien Removal IN LYNBROOK, NY

Has the IRS laid a claim on your property or assets? Come to our CPA for prompt and thorough

lien removal. We help you resolve your tax problems in an effective manner. When you have not

paid your state or federal debt, governing bodies take matters into their own hands by preventing

you from selling any property. Liens can also affect your credit score and your business, and it

continues even after you file for bankruptcy.

The best way to prevent this is to pay your tax debt. However, if you are unable to do so and there

is a lien on your property, we have a few options for you. Allow our accountant in Lynbrook, NY, to

remove a lien to resolve your debt and keep the IRS out of your pocketbook.

The Best Method For Lien Removal

Removing an IRS lien is a real possibility when you rely on our company. As a certified and experienced

CPA, Robert Rettig understands the procedures for proper lien removal. After filing the correct paperwork,

he can even negotiate the conditions of lien removal for you. However, the best way to deal with an IRS tax

lien is to avoid it altogether. If you are receiving letters from the IRS about non-payment of your taxes, it’s

important to contact us for assistance.

 In actuality, the IRS wants to assist struggling individuals who have difficulty paying their taxes. In addition to

increasing the monetary thresholds that determine when liens are filed, the IRS is also making significant

changes for taxpayers that enter into a debt agreement (DDIA). Find out how we can settle your tax obligations

with the IRS.

Contact us for a free confidential consultation when you have serious IRS tax problems. We proudly serve clients throughout Lynbrook and Rockville Centre, NY.