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Audit Assistance in rockville centre

Every year, millions of taxpayers just like you receive notices from the IRS to

prepare them for an audit. While this may seem like something to be worried

about, it doesn’t have to be when you’re properly prepared. When you

choose our financial experts to provide you with audit assistance, you can

be confident that you’ll be ready for the auditing process long before it begins.

We provide comprehensive services that range from the submission of

tax documents to the investigation of your specific tax circumstances to

ensure that all of your bases are covered before the big day. With more

than 25 years of experience on our side, we have what it takes to help

you get your tax information in order with plenty of time to spare.

Being audited by the IRS is most taxpayers’ worst nightmare.

Luckily, it’s a nightmare that the majority of taxpayers won’t have — most people have a less than 1 percent chance of getting audited. Those who make millions a year have about a 1 in 6 chance of an audit, while those who report an income of zero have about a 1 in 20 chance of being audited. But let’s say you’re one of the unlucky ones chosen for an audit — what should you do? Perhaps the best thing you can do when you receive notice of an audit is get help.

As a taxpayer, you have the right to send a tax professional to represent youat your audit. Of course, not all audits take place in person; some are done through the mail. Even if you’re being audited through the mail, however, a tax professional can help you understand your obligations, prepare your documents, and make the best possible case for your return. A pro can also help you appeal the results of your audit if they’re not in your favor.

Robert Rettig CPA offers audit assistance in Rockville Centre for taxpayers who have been chosen for an audit by the IRS. Robert’s trained in U.S. tax code; he knows how to talk to the IRS using its own lingo, and understands your obligations and potential penalties.

If you’ve been chosen for an office or field audit — one that will take place in person — it’s even more important that you get professional help. It’s not a good idea to go alone into an office or field audit; while correspondence audits are usually used to addressed mistakes or minor discrepancies in a tax return, office and field audits are used to investigate a taxpayer’s lifestyle and income on suspicion of tax evasion.

Going alone into this situation leaves you without any defense against the auditor’s questions, and could leave you vulnerable to serious penalties, even criminal prosecution. In fact, there’s no reason to go into a field office or audit at all. You have the right to send a representative to treat with the IRS on your behalf. This will protect you from having to answer the auditor’s questions yourself, and will lead to the best possible outcome.Don’t face an IRS audit on your own. Get professional help to defend yourself.

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With our help, you’ll be able to maximize your potential for the best tax refund possible while avoiding any issues with the IRS. We offer tax advice for any financial situation, regardless of how simple or complex you may believe your circumstances to be. Whether you’re looking for assistance with your personal taxes or you need guidance with your business taxes, our staff of professionals is fully qualified to provide proven solutions for your tax needs.

Contact us to prepare for your IRS visit with our audit assistance. We serve clients in Lynbrook, NY, and the surrounding areas.